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Virtual Boarding Tour


To protect your pet, we require that all core vaccines be current for dogs (Rabies, DAPP, and Bordetella) and cats (FVRCP and Rabies). Any pets that are not current on their vaccines will receive a full physical exam before vaccines are administered. If any health problems are found, then the appropriate treatment will be started while your pet is in our care. This includes treatment if evidence of fleas, ticks or ear infections are diagnosed. If you have any health concerns for your pet, we will be happy to address them while they are here! However, you will be responsible for any charges incurred for medications prescribed or diagnostics performed.


Due to space limitations, boarding is only available for our current clients. If you would like to become a client, this service is available for you as well.


We will follow your special instructions (in regards to feeding, medications, phobias, etc) and strongly recommend bringing personal belongings so that your pet can transfer their home to our home! 

We strongly suggest making early boarding reservations for any holidays, school vacations or summer breaks. Spaces fill up fast!

Pets can be dropped off and picked up at the following times:

Monday-Friday: 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM    

We do not offer drop off or pick up times when the clinic is closed. This includes Saturdays, Sundays and all major holidays.

Canine Housing Options:

We have three sizes of kennels to accommodate small to medium sized dogs, or larger canine condos which are perfect for any size dog. Additional dogs staying in the same condo will be boarded at a discounted rate.

Canine Boarding Rates (per night):

Canine Kennel: $38.50

Canine Condo: $58.50

Additional Dog Canine Condo Boarding Rate: $37.50

Feline Housing Options:

We offer a standard kennel with portholes that connect to a second kennel. One kennel is used for the litter box and the other for food, water and bedding. If multiple cats board together, the second cat will be boarded at a discounted rate. The second housing option is our feline condo. This room is a larger space that overlooks the reception area and lobby.

Feline Boarding Rates (per night):

Feline Kennel: $27.50

Feline Condo: $39.00

Additional Feline Boarding Rate: $17.50

Optional Amenities:

Playtimes: For dogs and cats, we offer a 15 minute supervised playtime. During these playtimes we take your pet into a spacious room or outdoor play area for individual attention. For dogs only, we also offer a 30 minute unsupervised playtime. These playtimes are done outside (weather permitting) in a large run. If you are bringing two or more pets to board with us, we can do the playtimes together or separate. We do not offer group playtimes for cats or dogs coming from different homes for everyone’s safety. We can do playtimes as often as twice a day. However, we normally do not offer playtimes on the day of drop off or pick up. Each playtime has an additional fee of $11.10 per playtime.

Bathing: We offer baths for dogs only. We bathe dogs in the morning on weekdays, so we ask that you wait until the afternoon to pick up your dog so that they have time to dry. 


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