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International Health Certificates
With Dr. Maher

If you are planning on traveling out of the country with your pet, it is necessary to have proper documentation regarding your pet's health status prior to travel. The most common requirements within this process include: 

1. Vaccination- Your pet must have an up-to-date Rabies vaccination and documentation reflecting the administration of the vaccine

2. Microchip- Your pet must have a ISO-compliant microchip

3. Health Certificate- Your pet must have a physical exam performed by a veterinarian within "x" amount of days of your departure and a health certificate filled out by an accredited veterinarian clearing your pet for travel

4. Endorsement of Health Certificate- The completed health certificate received from your veterinarian must be endorsed by the USDA within "x" amount of days of your departure

The requirements for travel may differ slightly based upon your destination country and airline company. We highly recommend visiting the USDA-APHIS website (link below) and your airline company's website during your travel planning to determine what requirements must be satisfied for your pet. 

If you are planning to travel internationally with your pet and have questions regarding the process, or would like to schedule an appointment for a certificate with Dr. Maher, please give our office a call at 217-367-1137. 


USDA-APHIS Pet Travel Link:

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