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06/07/2022:  At this time, we are still requiring that all clients wear a face mask that covers the nose and mouth at all times while present within our hospital. This policy remains in place in order to allow us to continue providing high quality veterinary care for you and your pets, and to ensure the health of our clients and staff. We greatly appreciate your continued patience and understanding during this time.

Updated 06-07-2022:


To our valued clients,

We value your patronage and therefore strive to keep you informed of any changes we are making within our hospital. As we are all aware, in 2020 we were hit with a change in how businesses had to operate with the onset of COVID-19. Our concern at that time immediately shifted towards safety of our clients and staff to ensure that we could be present to continue to care for your beloved pets. We have had many changes in how we operate this last year, and finally feel we are in a good place to begin opening our doors again. There will be a strict protocol in place as we move forward, so please keep reading for this information. Curbside service will continue to be an option for those who feel more comfortable staying out of the office at this time. 

How we will continue operating as of 6/7/2022:

In accordance with Public Health recommendations, we will continue to require that all clients wear a mask at all times while in our building. We have opened a small portion of our waiting room area that may be utilized by clients as necessary. If our waiting room is full, we ask that you notify a receptionist of your arrival for your appointment and please wait in your car until we have space available within our waiting area or exam rooms. 

Scheduled Doctor Appointments – For all scheduled appointments with doctors, you may enter the reception area for check-in. When you enter the reception area, a veterinary assistant or technician will be waiting to greet you at the reception desk. Once they confirm your appointment, they will take you and your pet into an exam room. In the exam rooms, there will be a taped area on the floor around the chairs that we ask all clients to remain in to help us allow for social distancing. Once the assistant or technician is done checking you in, they will retrieve the doctor for the exam. When the appointment is complete, an assistant or technician will check you out in the exam room. We are still accepting cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard and Discover. If you wish to remain curbside for your appointment, please call our office to let us know you have arrived. We will then check you in over the phone, bring your pet into the office for their appointment, and return them to you once their exam is complete. Our doctors will call you with their findings. We are currently limiting our exam rooms to up to 2 owners total per exam room. The only exception will be for euthanasia appointments.

Technician Appointments – For technician appointments (appointments where a doctor exam is not needed), you may enter the reception area for check-in, or call us from your vehicle if you wish to remain curbside at this time. Examples of technician appointments include nail trims, anal gland expressions, and venipuncture. During your pet's appointment, if the waiting area has available seating, you may remain in the waiting room. If the waiting area is full, we ask that you please wait in your car for the duration of your pet's appointment. As soon as the appointment is complete, a technician or assistant will bring your pet back to you and take care of payment at the reception desk or over the phone. 

Day Admission Appointments – For pets scheduled for a day admission appointment with us, you may enter the reception area for check-in. A receptionist or assistant will check your pet in at the front desk. Our doctors will perform their examination and diagnostics, and call you with their updates. To pick up your pet, you may either enter the reception area or call when you arrive in the parking lot at your scheduled discharge time. We will go over any discharge instructions, take care of payment, and then bring your pet out to you.

Surgical Appointments – When you arrive to drop your pet off for surgery, please enter the reception area for check-in. A veterinary technician will meet you and your pet to go over all required check-in materials. When you come to pick up your pet at your scheduled discharge time, please either enter the reception area or give us a call from the parking lot to let us know you have arrived. Your pet’s technician or assistant will go through your pet’s discharge instructions either in an exam room with you or over the phone, and will then send your pet and any medications home with you.

Medication and Food Refills – We are working diligently to get medications/food ready as soon as they are requested. Due to our desire to provide quality care to our clients and patients, we are asking clients to please give us at least 24 hours notice of when you will be needing medications/food refilled. We understand that this is not always possible and we will continue to fill medications for clients that come to our office without calling ahead of time as quickly as possible. We do ask for your patience as all prescriptions require a veterinarian approval, and may take 20-30 minutes to prepare your prescription. 

Cleaning Protocols – We will continue to maintain strict and thorough cleaning protocols throughout our hospital. Our exam rooms will be cleaned and disinfected after each client/patient, and the entire office has regularly scheduled cleaning times throughout the day. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to ask us!

As always, we continue to strive to provide the excellent quality and care that you expect from us for you and your pet. We are so appreciative of our clients who have continued to support us during this time, as we have done everything we can to be there for you. 

Thank you,

Your A & E Management Team


What to do if I have been recently exposed to Coronavirus (through travel, been in contact with someone who is sick, personally tested positive or have respiratory symptoms) and my pet needs veterinary care?

First, please make sure you are taking care of yourself and following CDC's recommendations and doctor recommendation. Try to keep some distance from your pet - no hugging or kissing and wash your hands before and after interacting with your pet. If your pet is having a medical emergency or is sick, please call us to schedule an appointment. We ask that you find someone who has not been exposed and is healthy to bring your patient in if possible. If your pet is due for routine care (annual exams, vaccines, nail trims, or other non-urgent appointments), please call our staff and we will schedule you an appointment at a later time.

Can my pet get or give COVID-19?

According to the CDC, there are no reports of pets catching or giving COVID-19 to humans or other animals at this time. In Hong Kong, a dog did test "weak positive" for the virus, but further testing has shown that the dog was serologically negative meaning that it did not have active infective disease.

See this link for further information on pets and COVID-19:

What emergency veterinary clinics are open in our area?

The University of Illinois Vet Med is seeing patients at this time, though they have moved to seeing only emergent cases. If you feel your pet has an emergency and we are closed, please call U of I Vet Med prior to going there at 217-333-5300.

Additional Information on COVID-19

COVID-19 Updates

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