Updated 1-21-2021:


Dear Valued Clients,

First, we would like to thank everyone for being so understanding of all the changes we have had to instill throughout the last few months and your continued support. We know that things have not been ideal or easy and we are so appreciative of our client’s willingness to work with us as we navigate our new normal. We are reaching out to you today to update everyone on the new policies and protocols that A & E Animal Hospital are following at this time and how it may affect your visits at our office.

A & E Animal Hospital is still taking precautionary measures to protect our staff, patients, and clients while still maintaining vital care to our patients. To ensure that our staff can continue to care for your pets and following the recommendations of the CDC, AVMA and ISVMA, we are continuing to offer curbside only appointments and care . We are continuing to see sick/emergent appointments as we have been through scheduled appointments and drop off appointments. Any non-emergent appointment (annual exams, vaccines, nail trims, etc.) are being scheduled with a limited number that can be scheduled per day to be seen. Due to this limited number of appointments, we are booking out a couple of weeks in advance.

If you have an appointment with us, please call when you arrive in the parking lot. Do NOT come into the building as our doors will still be locked. We will check you and your pet in over the phone, we will then proceed to send a veterinary assistant out to come to your car and your pet and escort them into the building and on into an exam room if you wish. All dogs must be on a leash prior to coming into the building and all cats must be in a carrier, no exceptions.  Your Veterinarian will perform your patient’s examination, they will contact you after the exam is performed to go over any findings and to discuss any recommended diagnostics/treatments. Any necessary medications to go home with you will then be prepared and an assistant will proceed in checking you and processing payment over the phone. Once all medications and receipts are completed, our assistant will escort the patient back to your car.

At this time, all nail trim, blood draw, technician and anal sac expression appointments will also remain curbside. When you arrive, please call so we can check you in and send a veterinary assistant to retrieve your pet. We will then bring your pet back to you when we are done.

​If you are sick, please have someone who is healthy bring your pet to us or reschedule your appointment.  Any patients coming from a home that has had someone sick, exposure to someone sick, an owner who works in the medical field, or exposure to someone who works in the medical field or exposure to anyone who has traveled within two weeks prior to your appointment at our facility; then we must be made aware of these risks so staff can take proper precautions to be dressed in PPE required garments. 

We are continuing to keep our hospital clean and disinfected throughout the day under the recommendations put forth by the CDC and the IDPH. Each room will be fully cleaned in between each appointment. Please be patient as this will add some time between appointments so we can ensure everyone’s health and safety. We are closely following CDC, WHO, ISVMA and AVMA recommendations along with state and federal recommendations/mandates and will continue to update our policies as needed.

At any time, these protocols could change. We will do our best to let you know ahead of time through various platforms including email, our website and Facebook page.


When scheduling a drop off/surgery, or when scheduling a go home/discharge, we have instated a new protocol for these visits to help prevent you from waiting in your car for long periods of time. We will be creating actual appointment times for each of these individual drop offs, surgery drop offs and discharge appointments on our schedule. This policy should assist in creating more effective and time efficient check ins and pet retrievals for everyone involved by decreasing the bottleneck type flow that happens when all clients show up at one time for their drop offs.  As for go home/discharge visits, those are also being set up for an actual appointment time on the schedule with the Technician who assisted with your pet. It will be scheduled as a phone consultation to go over all discharge instructions and questions you might have. When you call in to check in for your scheduled appointments, please listen carefully to our automated options and choose the correct option to check in your pet properly for their scheduled visit with us. 


If you are dropping off your pet for boarding, please call when you are in the parking lot. We will go over all information for boarding, get your instructions for your pet and then come to retrieve your pet from your car. Do NOT come into the building unless escorted by a veterinary assistant. Please do not bring cloth personal belongings for your pet. You may bring toys as long as they can be washed with soap and water.

When you come to pick up, please call when you are in the parking lot. We will go over any information, take care of the invoice and then bring your pet and all their belongings to you.


Picking Up Medications

Were have implemented a new protocol for all of our medication refill request. All medications must have a form filled out by staff and then get approval by a doctor before it can be filled. Please call prior to coming to let us know what medications you would like to pick up. This new exchange will take longer for staff to process request, we can not guarantee filling of request in a less that 24 hour period.  We will contact you when your medication is ready for pick up. When you arrive, please call and we will bring your medications to you. Again, please do NOT come into the building. Payment may be finalized either when calling for the medication request or when picking up the medications.


Please follow the advice of your physician and stay home if recommended. If you are sick or showing symptoms of COVID-19 (i.e.; fever, cough, shortness of breath etc.) please seek medical care. If you have an appointment scheduled with A & E Animal Hospital, and are experiencing any of these symptoms, we have several options set in place to ensure safety for everyone.

  1. Reschedule: We would be happy to reschedule your non-emergent appointment to a later time.

  2. Family Member or Friend: Please be available by phone if our doctors have any further questions on history, clinical signs and/or need authorization for diagnostics.

Non-emergent appointments such as Annual Wellness Examination with Vaccinations, Nail Trims, Anal Gland Expression, etc. are limited and being scheduled with only a certain number of these appointments per day to help maintain the flow of traffic in hospital. It is still important that we minimize transmission to reduce the chance of infecting our healthcare workers and most vulnerable clients as we care about the safety of our clients/patients and want to ensure that your pets can receive the best veterinary care.

We are closed every Monday and Tuesday from 2-3 pm to conduct staff meetings. All phone calls during these times will be patched to our voicemail and staff will return all calls to clients in a timely manner.


Just a reminder that in March of 2020 we launched our new online pharmacy which can be found on our website at aandeanimalhospital.com. The online pharmacy allows our clients to obtain prescription medications and food as prescribed by their Veterinarian without needing to come to the clinic. The products will be delivered right to your door further minimizing contact and traffic flow in our hospital. We would be happy to walk you through the process of signing up and ordering over the phone if assistance is needed.

Lastly, please be patient with our staff as we work through these changes and those to come. We are all working hard to make things as normal as we can. If you have a concern or are frustrated with our new protocols, please call and ask to speak with Sara, our Office Manager. Please do not take your frustrations out on our receptionists, assistants and technicians as they are doing the best they can while following the hospital protocols in place.

​Please don't hesitate to call us (217)-367-1137 if you have any further questions or concerns. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we navigate these trying times. Hoping all of our patients and clients are staying healthy.

-The Doctors and Staff at A & E Animal Hospital


What to do if I have been recently exposed to Coronavirus (through travel, been in contact with someone who is sick, personally tested positive or have respiratory symptoms) and my pet needs veterinary care?

First, please make sure you are taking care of yourself and following CDC's recommendations and doctor recommendation. Try to keep some distance from your pet - no hugging or kissing and wash your hands before and after interacting with your pet. If your pet is having a medical emergency or is sick, please call us to schedule an appointment. We ask that you find someone who has not been exposed and is healthy to bring your patient in if possible. If your pet is due for routine care (annual exams, vaccines, nail trims, or other non-urgent appointments), please call our staff and we will schedule you an appointment at a later time.

Can my pet get or give COVID-19?

According to the CDC, there are no reports of pets catching or giving COVID-19 to humans or other animals at this time. In Hong Kong, a dog did test "weak positive" for the virus, but further testing has shown that the dog was serologically negative meaning that it did not have active infective disease.

See this link for further information on pets and COVID-19:


What emergency veterinary clinics are open in our area?

The University of Illinois Vet Med is seeing patients at this time, though they have moved to seeing only emergent cases. If you feel your pet has an emergency and we are closed, please call U of I Vet Med prior to going there at 217-333-5300.

Additional Information on COVID-19

COVID-19 Updates

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