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Periodontal disease is one of the most frequently diagnosed conditions in small animal medicine, but is often an area that is neglected. Dental disease can be painful and may lead to kidney, liver and heart disease if untreated. Thorough dental examinations, and the use of dental radiographs prevents these conditions from being overlooked. Many of the problems diagnosed are both reversible and preventable. 

Our hospital offers full dental evaluations for your pets. During our patients complete wellness exams, our veterinary healthcare team will evaluate your pets mouth to give you an idea of if your pet needs additional dental care. We do our best to give our pet parents an idea of which teeth are unhealthy prior to anesthesia. Unfortunately we cannot see what is under plaque or calculus on their teeth nor if there are any pockets prior to your pet being fully anesthetized, teeth cleaned and probed. Once we know, we will contact you to help keep you fully informed and a part of your pets care. 


Under general anesthesia, your pets teeth are ultrasonically scaled above and below the gum line, followed by polishing and probing of each tooth. Digital dental radiography allows our veterinarians to detect any pathology below the gum line. Dental extractions are performed only when necessary. Your pet's safety is our first concern. On the day of your pet's dental appointment, please make sure you're available by telephone. 


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