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Digital Radiography

Many years ago we upgraded to digital radiography (x-ray) where we no longer have to develop films by hand, and we love it! By bypassing the chemical processing used with photographic films, images are available within seconds instead of minutes. Digital radiography produces little to no waste as processing chemicals and hard copies are not used, and is therefore more environmentally friendly than photographic film.


Our images can be enhanced for further analysis including better detail and measurements. Because of their digital format, our radiographs can be copied for clients if requested or e-mailed to veterinary specialists to aid in a pet's diagnosis. Not only does digital radiography help us visualize our patients better, our patients benefit as less radiation can be used to produce each image.

We use our digital radiography to radiograph the abdomen, chest, limbs and teeth of our patients. We do our best to make the radiograph process as stress-free and easy for you and your pet as possible.


We are planning to add an Ultrasound to our diagnostic services soon!

Give us a call to see how we can help your pet benefit from our digital radiography today!

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