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Our Services

Preventative Care

Our hospital is fully committed to helping keep your pets as healthy as possible though our preventative care. We offer complete wellness examinations, vaccinations, heartworm prevention, flea and tick prevention, and parasite control to all of our patients yearly. We tailor our recommendations to your pet based on their needs and your goals. Click on the link below to learn more about our preventative care services!

General Medicine

Cat and Dog

Our doctors and staff strive to provide the best quality care for you and your pet. To accomplish this, we have an in-house laboratory, provide various surgical and dental services, and utilize up-to-date diagnostic imaging equipment. We also have the ability to collaborate with outside lab organizations such as the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine Diagnostic and Clinical Pathology laboratories, Antech Diagnostics, and IDEXX laboratories, if needed for our patients. Our team works with each individual client to decide on the best method of care for your pet. See below for further details about our general medicine services. 


Laser Surgery

We are proud to offer laser surgery to provide the safest and least painful treatment for our patients. Often used in human healthcare, laser technology has proven benefits with multiple applications. In many cases, laser surgery can be of much greater benefit than traditional surgical methods. Click on our link below to learn more about our laser surgery services!



Your pet's dental and gingival health is an integral aspect of their general health status. Just as you go to your dentist regularly, your pet should have their teeth evaluated each year as a part of a complete physical examination. There are many factors that influence a pet's dental health, including his or her breed, genetic background, age, diet, chewing behavior, tooth alignment, and overall health. Clink on our link below to learn more about our dentistry services!


Digital Radiography

Our hospital utilizes a digital radiography system instead of photographic film to obtain radiographs (or x-rays) on our patients. Incorporating a digital system offers numerous advantages for our patients, clients, employees and the environment. 



Our hospital has an on-site laboratory for blood, urine, and fecal analysis. This allows us to obtain results more rapidly to aid in patient diagnosis. We are also affiliated with well-established external laboratories including the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine Diagnostic and Clinical Pathology laboratories, Antech Technologies, and Idexx Laboratories.

Dog Portrait


The decision to euthanize your pet is one of the most emotionally difficult and taxing decisions you may have to make regarding your pet's care. Our veterinarians and staff understand the weight of these decisions, and are prepared to provide a compassionate end of life experience for your beloved pet, should that time come. If you find that you are approaching this decision, please do not hesitate to reach out to our staff for guidance and support. 

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